Recovery Cafe - " Refresh 'n Recover "

Hi, WE ARE  here, up and on the road

Recovery Cafe is YOUR. new neighborhood refreshment stand. Our motto, "refresh and recover" is sure to be your experience after you've tasted some of the items we've loaded on our truck.  We're like your corner store only we make it even more convenient by bringing the store to you.

 We'll be here because you forgot your lunch, your water, your breath mints, or you'd just like a good cup of coffee. We have munchies like: nuts, chips, energy drinks, protein bars,candy bars, sports drinks, PEACE ICE TEA, AQUAMANTRA brand bottled water and lots and lots more!

If you've seen our flyers, you know we're mobile and want you on our route. All you have to do is let us know and we'll come to you. Whether it be for your office or business, sporting event or meeting places, anywhere we are invited  RECOVERY CAFE will be there on the spot! Just call or email us and we'll make you part of one of our regular routes!

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